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A look into the wonders of Italian Fashion Craftmanship: Behind the Scenes & New Artisan Programs

Anyone that wants to study fashion in Italy
Female Entrepreneurs
Language lovers
Business consultants wanting to work in Italy
Wine & Food lovers
Anyone that loves Italy and buys products directly from here


Course's Aims & Benefits

Craftsmanship connects us as women.
Craftsmanship gives women economic opportunity.
Craftsmanship is a study in the beauty of imperfection.

Want to learn about the True Made in Italy and the history of Fashion in Florence Italy? Do you want to get a perspective of different programs that exist in Florence for fashion and craftsmanship before getting on a plane and paying for it?

What about having an introductory course in Business Italian to get a taste of the language and if you have a passion for it?

Use this course as your virtual guide and resource to book your next unique experience abroad with fashion4futures in Italy.

Go beyond the tourist route and discover Florence like a local.
This is a unique opportunity to see the world with like-minded travelers and get an inside look at what it takes for an entrepreneur to launch a successful business in Italy.

We connect creatives to share in learning about the history and cultural significance of craft as it relates to the place in which it’s created. Fashion4Futures was created bridge that gap of communication enhancing business on both sides. We offer travelers the chance to connect with artisans and Fashion programs to learn the cultural significance, history and complexity of fashion in Florence and the skills that go into crafting their various handmade pieces, while simultaneously teaching the business skills needed to form successful cooperatives and transact international business relationships.
We believe creatives are the ones responsible for making our world such a beautiful and diverse place and we aim to celebrate that.



What You'll Gain from This Course

25 Minutes Mini-course with 7 different modules

Immediate start/unlimited access

Final Quiz + Extra free resources

Exclusive interviews with industry fashion show producer from NYFW with ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Exclusive interview with international emerging fashion designer with ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Downloadable PDFs/brand positioning + 30 important English Phrases for Nailing Business Introductions + 5 ways to introduce yourself (in 20 words or less).

30 minute live consultation with the teacher and course review after finishing the course by appointment

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