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is committed to providing top quality programs that will enrich, engage and inspire, always putting our participant at the forefront.





Who is This trip For?


Have you ever dreamt of seeing real live runway fashion shows in Paris?

Have you considered a career in International styling or  Global public relations?

Would you love to go shopping, drink cafe and a glass of vino in Paris hottest Fashion neighborhood?


If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you will want to join us in September/ February Fashion week.

It is designed to give priority to individuals that sincerely want a chance to network

themselves and experience fashion week in Paris.


The program will be 5 nights with two FULL days being focused on fashion shows and all that goes into the execution of these fabulous events behind the scenes.

 Fashion lovers, designers, Fashion enthusiasts and shoppers.

Those who want to work internationally.

Anyone that loves fashion and wants to understand fashion trends and get insights into the French fashion industry Fashion influencers, bloggers or any person interested in talking about Fashion

and most of all France LOVERS!

TRip Details & Benefits

Enhance your resume and career prospects and come on the unique Paris Fashion Week Experience: An intense and fast-paced immersion into the Paris Fashion Week and the inner workings of the french luxury fashion system.


The average age of our participants? From 18 to 35 years old.

Small groups enable participants to receive constant attention and feedback on their technical and creative skills while in workshops. 

Through a combination of workshops, visits to key locations in Paris, and entry to Fashion Week events, you will be able to see for yourself the strategies and operations behind this world-class event and will get to know the key features of the luxury fashion system in France.

Our program is flexible and tailored individually according to the travelers interests and needs.

Paris Fashion Week trip offers an international environment with participants from all over the world. This provides intercultural exchange where attendees can expand their vision of the world and experience new cultures that will stimulate inspiration while immersing themselves in the Fashion culture. We give participants practical skills and knowledge of fashion in order to be prepared to start successful careers. Our main goal is to expose our group from all over the world to fashion from a professional perspective. There are many renowned schools around the world that teach students the fashion trade, but fail to prepare them to work in the actual fashion industry.


The lack of “real world experience” often results in professionals finding themselves struggling to find work, despite having invested both time and money in their studies.


This is why Fashion4Futures focuses on short term experiences there are highly personalized based on each participants goals, while continuously monitoring their progress.

Fashion Spreads


The fee includes*(example of past trips):

  • 5 nights in the CENTER of Paris during Fashion Week, living like a Parisian

  • Breakfasts

  • Introductory language French course geared towards working backstage

  • Welcome aperitif

  • After parties

  • Lunch at the Grand Colbert(vintage drop in)

  • 2 days museum pass

  • 2 days Full Backstage experience(high level emerging designer)

  • 2 days of Industry visits( can include Valentino, L'Officiel, Runway magazine, PR agencies)

  •  Visit to  Fashion Museum(Yves Saint Laurent)

  • Haut Marais Tour of local designers

  • Bag making course

  • Guided and free shopping tour Paris

  • Workshop with professionals 

  • 24/7 guide

  • Certificate of participation for resume and references provided

*Due to the intensity of the events during Fashion Week, Fashion4Futures -keeping the same level of experience-reserves the right to deliver the final detailed program close to the event and the right to change according to availability of professionals.


you will be able to:

  • Find out more about the French fashion industry

  • Go shopping in the best neighborhoods

  • Visit museums

  • Tour Paris, best neighbours

  • Network your brand and get an internship

  •  Have an experience you will never forget.

  • Be able to express your creativity

  • Be able to express your creativity

  • Build confidence to talk to international clients

  • Improve confidence in a professional capacity Focus on your personal learning goals

  • Find out more about the Italian fashion industry and create networking opportunities for internships

  • Recognize and respect different global perspectives

  • Communicate like a fashion expert and talk with industry professionals  for practice

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