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6 or 3 days
 September & february

Who is This Trip For?


Have you ever dreamt of seeing real live runway fashion shows in NYC?

Have you considered a career in styling or public relations?

Would you love to go shopping in one of NYC's hottest neighborhoods in Brooklyn?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions then you will want to join us in September/ February Fashion week.

It is designed to give priority to individuals that sincerely want a chance to network

themselves and experience fashion week in NYC.

The program will be 7-days long with at least Three of those days being focused on fashion shows and all that goes into the execution of these fabulous events. 



Trip details & Benefits


  • Gorgeous collections, elegant models, and glorious crowds big one glamorous party. From the front row, this appears to be true.

  • Behind the scenes, there’s an army of people working frantically to make sure the show goes off without a hitch. It takes months of preparation, tons of hard work, and an experienced hand (or two) to coordinate it all.

  • Quick Fixes, Last-Minute Changes, A Whole Lot of Running Around, Photographs Galore

  • You will probably do a lot of standing around and waiting. Then a lot flustered rushing. And then a lot of cleaning, packing, and organizing. Not to mention heavy lifting, running, ushering, and steaming.

  • Whether you are a NYC native or a visitor to the fashion capital city of New York, this is your chance to feel like a fashion insider. Regardless of whether your interest lies in travel, street, make up, hair, models or just general fashion, this opportunity gives you the chance to take “behind the scenes” to a different level and network yourself in this industry.

  • Key highlights: Emerging Designers

  • The program offered is designed to provide students and enthusiasts with exclusive access, “from an inside perspective and from experts" on the fashion show and everything that revolves around the realization of these special events.

  • The program creates connections between the visions and skills of American and Italian and European fashion and offers real learning tools directly in the field.

  • This program is geared towards internships and networking




The program includes*(example of past trips): 

  • Direct flight ticket and full insurance (for those students coming from Italy: flight, accommodation and activities). Different and customized options for students living in USA. More info here.

  • Shuttle service to and from the airport / hotel

  • 5 nights in an important trendy hotel in Manhattan (3 night option for students living in USA)

  • Breakfast everyday

  • 2 or 3 days of back stage volunteering at NYFW

  • 1 evening of fashion shows as a guest

  • Dedicated interaction with Fashion professionals and workshops, access to the back stage of the Runway, model assistance, entrance and access to the fashion shows of the emerging designers for two whole days at the fashion shows.

  • 1 welcome group dinner at a trendy restaurant

  • visits to famous museums in NYC

  • 1 Vintage shopping tour in Brooklyn

  • 1 Private MASTER cosmetic lesson

  • 1 Pass for the metro (valid for 7 days)

  • New York guide on site in the group 24/7 hours and 24-hour assistance for Italy-all-time logistic support: personalized leisure time (visit NYC, shopping, experiences, etc.). 

  • Certificate of participation and references for your resume'

  • Possible to make reservations reserved in the best restaurants, "trendy" restaurants and lounges in the VIP list (from 21 years of age).

  • AND MORE...

*Due to the intensity of the events during Fashion Week, Fashion4Futures -keeping the same level of experience-reserves the right to deliver the final detailed program close to the event and the right to change according to availability of professionals.


you will be able to:

Meet fashion professionals and interact and network yourself

Easily learn and understand global fashion trends

Work backstage and usher models

Practice Trend forecasting

Build confidence to talk to international clients

Improve confidence and fluency in Fashion lingo

Find out more about the NYC fashion industry

Go shopping in the best neighborhoods
Eat bagels & drink Starbucks

Visit museums
Attend a cosmetic MASTERCLASS
Attend a Vintage Clothing tour in Brooklyn
Network your brand and get an internship
Live and work in NYC and have an experience you will never forget.

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