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Founded in the heart of picturesque Florence, Italy, Fashion4Futures has helped countless creative, innovative, motivated, and talented fashion enthusiasts build successful, thriving, and rewarding careers in the fashion industry.  Since 2016, Fashion4Futures has remained steadfast in our mission to promote entrepreneurship and connect passionate individuals with specific skillsets intended to drive innovation in the fashion industry.


Spearheaded by our iconic immersive and all-inclusive cultural programs and educational experience during FASHION WEEK in Milan, New York and Paris, Fashion4Futures helps gain the business skills, build the experience, and establish their career in fashion.


Ilyssa Wexler

Meet the Founder!

Ilyssa Wexler, native New Yorker and veteran entrepreneur, former wall street top females sales leader and million dollar round table qualifier 3 years in a row. International business, Economics and leadership teacher, Ilyssa has lived and worked all over the world including Sydney Australia for the Institute of Economics and Peace. Ilyssa leverages 20+ years of thriving business experiences to empower  women in building their fashion careers with the business tools they need to succeed.

"I have a deep respect for the incredible power of fashion to elevate the lives of women, to give them both an income and a voice".



Our Mission

We believe in providing hands-on, tangible, and meaningful work experiences to creatives, fashion and design enthusiasts who are eager to build a future in this highly creative and exciting industry.  We believe that knowledge is power, and by providing the information, experience, and tools to build their brand, improve their business skills, or uncover their talents, have the rare opportunity to help change the lives of more than our students – we have the power to change the fashion industry as we know it.

Our Expertise

 Fashion4Futures offers fully customizable learning and educational experiential experiences that are fully immersive, highly specified, and totally transformative.  From business minded branding professionals to creative designers, and everyone in between, Fashion4Futures is your key to unlocking your true potential and unleashing the transformative power of fashion to build your personal future.

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