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november 24th & 25th

in Florence, Italy

2 FULL DAYS 24-25 November


A creative Exploration of

sustainability and circularity

in the italian fashion industry

Price: 350,00 euro

Fashion Shop


  • Lotto Zero: 4 hour Natural dying workshop

  • Bis Bag Scandicci: half DAY reusable leather workshop

  • 1 apericena the first night with 2 Sustainable professional industry speakers (industry networking)

  • Personal guided tour of the Textile museum in Prato + light lunch

  • ASPRI Certification

  •  Thanksgiving dinner at  Ruffino - Poggio Casciano Estate

PLEASE NOTE! Hotel is NOT included! We can provide hotel upon request


About the Course

ZERO WASTE RETREAT is a 2-day intensive field workshop where students interested in Italian Fashion will be introduced to important contacts, companies and systems working to create a more circular and sustainable fashion industry. Through workshop days in both Scandicci and Prato, students will be introduced to industry players on the ground who are implementing these systems and gain understanding in how the fashion industry works in some of Italy’s most important manufacturing towns.

DAY 1. November 24th


 Students will spend the first day in Prato understanding the history and importance of this local textile hub of  Italy and explore the world at the Prato Textile Museum. The Museo del Tessuto is the largest cultural centre in Italy dedicated to the promotion of historical and contemporary textile production and art. The Museum represents the historical memory and the cultural interface of the Prato district, which has been identified with textile production since the Middle Ages. Today the district boasts over 7,000 companies operating in this sector.

Then students will be introduced: Industry & professional visits: to local organizations working to recycle and repurpose textile waste. Students will make valuable connections with these organizations as well as gain understanding into different practices and systems being implemented to regenerate wool, recycle, and repurpose used clothing and textiles and create zero waste solutions.




“The taste of color” WORKSHOP for Fashion4Futures

Objective: Learning the basics of natural dyeing


LOTTO ZERO has a large textile workshop where students will have to opportunity to create their own textiles through a course led by local textile artist.

Learning the basics of natural dyeing and introducing the world of textile fibers through a playful, multi-sensory and participatory experience.


Students will participate in a hands on demonstration of textile dyeing with natural pigments from various foods or food waste. The dyeing on various types of textiles will be the occasion to give a small overview of the various textile fibers such as cotton, silk, wool.

Participants will be able to experience live the thrill of dyeing a fabric, playing with the immersion time to obtain different tonal intensities and colors.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will take home their own samples of dyed fabric along with the dyeing recipe , in order to repeat the process anytime they want.

The workshop combines olfactory, sensory and visual experiences.

DAY 2. November 25th

For the second field day, students will go to Scandicci, just outside Florence, to learn about leather and accessories production. Students will spend the morning learning how to work with leather and accessories factories by visiting and speaking with a local 3 rd generation pelletteria working for some of Europe’s largest luxury brands today.

Students will also learn about the ASPRI Association, The Associazione per Pelle Recuperata in Italia. A nonprofit organization working to recycle and repurpose excess leather and implement circular production practices in the local luxury goods industry.

For the remainder of the day students will take a hands-on workshop with ASPRI inside a leather factory where they will learn professional leather craft skills and create a small leather accessory such as a pouch, passport holder or key chain and receive a certificate at the end of the workshop.

 November 25

THANKSGIVING DINNEr at Ruffino poggio cascinao Estate


Students will finish the course with a professional level knowledge of how to use their design skills and talents to reduce, repurpose and reutilize waste in the fashion industry. Students will also gain contacts and make valuable in the local Italian Fashion industry and receive a certification of training from the ASPRI Association.

Image by Josh Hild
Fashion Designer
Image by Juliana Malta


Bryony Jansen- van Tuyll


Bryony Jansen- van Tuyll is co-founder of Good Brand Guru, a non-profit organisation aimed at enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration among sustainability experts and fashion professionals.

Through webinars, interviews, round tables, networking events and collaborative projects, the organisation promotes sustainable fashion initiatives and supports professionals and businesses in putting in place practices that are better for people and planet. 


Bryony has an MSc in Industrial Design Engineering. After 10 years in management consulting focused on growth strategies, she decided to shift direction and focus her career entirely on sustainable innovation. She is a strong believer in circular initiatives, regenerative agriculture and doughnut economics as ways to meet the important environmental challenges we face today. 

Bryony will discuss regenerative fashion. Theory and case study examples of brands/ entrepreneurs that are putting innovative systems into place.

Followed by a Q&A

Marina Savarese

MarinaSaverese (1).JPG

Marina Savarese Is an artistic director and founder of Pygiama&Superstar, she has a collection of street-a-porter and Sartoria Letteraria. Her latest creative project is about slow fashion and writing art, upcycling and sustainability. Alternative, ethical and sustainable fashion are her objects of study and work in the last 10 years.


Her creative projects include (Sfashion-Net, a network dedicated to slow fashion independent designer, and W(e)ave Mag, a magazine dedicated to slow lifestyle). Since 2010 she is a Visual Merchandiser lecture at Polimoda in Florence, Collection Design and Trend Forecasting at Marangoni in Florence (2016) and Window Display Design, Social Media for Fashion, Computer Graphic for Fashion at the GSC in Amman (Jordan, from 2012) . She has published two books on the art of seduction “La bruttina che conquista“, 2012 and “Come tenersi un uomo dopo averlo conquistato“, 2013, an essay on the other side of fashion, “Sfashion” (Morellini, 2016), the guide “Firenze al Femminile” (Morellini, 2017) and “Ibiza Low Cost” (Morellini, 2018). In her blog “I hate bananas” she talks about sustainable fashion, the feminine universe and contemporaneity.



Cassandra Kane is an independent designer and product development consultant living in Florence, Italy. She spent many years designing luxury, ready-to-wear, outerwear and evening-wear for designer brands in New York, including Dennis Basso, Elie Tahari and Zac Posen. She later moved to Italy to study the art of luxury handbag development at the storied Scuola Del Cuoio in Florence. Gaining a certification in leather craft, Cassandra worked as a prototipista, developing handbags for some of the world's most luxury brands including Tod’s and Dolce & Gabbana. Throughout this experience, she was also inspired to imagine more sustainable supply chain solutions within local luxury leather and textile production. 

Cassandra continues to partner with independent designers, creatives, brands and retailers to create elevated product with special expertise in luxury, outerwear, accessories and made in Italy. She has also recently launched the brand Sieme (@wearesieme), focused upon a model of Restorative Production.

Through partnerships with local family owned manufacturers, Sieme creates designer products from repurposed luxury material waste and partners with local artisans to bring their products online to a wider international audience. Cassandra also works with A.S.P.R.I (Associazione per Pelle Recuperata in Italia) in Scandicci, an organization committed to developing and implementing circular production practices and fostering emerging designers in the local leather goods and accessories industry.

Ilyssa Wexler

Cassandra Kane

_M2_7723 (1)_edited.jpg

Ilyssa Wexler (Zacchei) Founder and CEO of Fashion4Futures, a native New Yorker and veteran entrepreneur, former Wall Street top female sales leader and million dollar round table qualifier 3 years in a row. International business, Economics and Business leadership teacher, Ilyssa has lived and worked all over the world including Sydney Australia for the Institute of Economics and Peace. Ilyssa leverages 20+ years of thriving business experiences to empower creatives in building their fashion careers with the business tools they need to succeed. Ilyssa earned her Bachelors degree in Business from University of Maryland College Park, Her Masters in Neurophysiology the study of brain behavior which she uses for business presentation and language learning from Columbia University.

She holds numerous certificates, the CELTA for ESL language learning, “Sustainable Fashion” from Copenhagen Business school, “Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies” from Bocconi University, and “Women in entrepreneurship” from Cornell University.

Image by Jazmin Quaynor
Image by Ankhesenamun


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